Round River Design is a team of scientists, engineers, ecological designers, educators and practioners who collaborate to restore degraded lands and waterways for the benefit of the human and natural communities that depend on healthy lands. The company takes its name from Aldo Leopold's classic essay which discussed a metaphorical river forever flowing through the land and back into itself. Land, water, and communities, he wrote, are not separate. Identifying, respecting, and enhancing this underlying connection lies at the root of Round River Design's work.

Founder and owner Michael Blazewicz has worked for over a decade to address degraded watersheds through research, restoration, education, and collaboration. Michael brings numerous experiences including work as a watershed restoration technician, Program Director for the Colorado Measurable Results monitoring program, the watershed coordinator for Friends of the Mad River, and a consulting scientist for Crane Associates, Walsh Environmental, Pioneer Environmental, and Bear Creek Environmental. Michael is also a Permaculture designer and teacher and brings a whole systems approach to his work.

Our work is supported by a web of outstanding colleagues and subcontractors to improve the depth and wholeness with which design and implementation are done.