Example Project Experience

River Restoration in Flood Affected Areas

Lead Geomorphic Field Investigator for Post-Flood Chanel Assessments, Fish Creek and Fall River, CO
Conducted rapid geomorphic asesments of flod-stricken river chanels. Clasifed reference and existing
stream types, bedforms, dominant chanel materials, and chanel evolution stage through forensic
geomorphologic observations. Developed preliminary restoration project list for planing team. Drafted a
channel migration zone for planing purposes aimed at future flood hazard reduction.

Geomorphic Investigation and Chanel Migration Zone Development for the St. Vrain River, CO
Conducted a rapid field geomorphic asesment for the post-flod St. Vrain River (North, South, Midle and
Mainstem). Provided project ideas to the planing team and developed a chanel migration zone map to inform
the master planing process.

Geomorphic Asesments Post-Irene, VT
Lead gemorphologist responsible for maping and characterizing flod-devastated streams and structures in
Southern Vermont. Developed priority project lists in collaboration with State and Local partners.


Project Development and Design Oversight

Master Planning, Fish Creek and Fall River, CO
Compiled initial list of project ideas for the Fish Creek and Fall River master plans as a result of field observations.
Contributed to the development of additional project ideas proposed by the planning committee.  Provided
feedback and comments to Master Plan and drawing sets.

Exigent Permitting for CWCB/NRCS, Colorado Flood-Affected Sites, CO
Coordinated with NRCS engineers and local sponsors to develop and submit pre-construction notification
applications to the Army Corps of Engineers during the Phase 1 Emergency Watershed Protection project cycle in
2014.  Coordinated with the Corps and NRCS engineers to ensure notification documents were complete and could
be fast-tracked for permitting without delay.  Assisted in the tracking of progress and communication to ensure
that all possible projects were designed, permitted, and constructed ahead of spring-runoff.

Hwy 36 Channel Rehabilitation, North St. Vrain and Little Thompson Rivers, CO
Co-developed preliminary designs for reconstruction of the North St. Vrain and Little Thompson Rivers in the
vicinity of the Phase 1 Hwy 36 reconstruction.  Quantified materials, staging sites, and assisted in the project
permitting and post-construction monitoring.

Bridge Removals, Cold Brook, Haystack, VT
Assessed, designed, permitted, constructed and monitored the removal of two bridges spanning the Cold Brook
in southern Vermont on behalf of Haystack Mountain Ski Resort.  Submitted design plan sets with pre- and postconstruction cross-section and bed profiles.  Directed construction of the structure removal and channel

Construction Oversight

Apple Valley Exigent Sites, North St. Vrain River, CO

Coordinated with Crane Associates to develop designs and permit for exigent work at Apple Valley in Lyons.
Provided field oversight of Frontier Environmental equipment to implement innovative streambank stabilization

Idylwilde Dam Site Post-Removal Stream Restoration, Big Thompson River, CO
Directed Kiewit equipment operators to implement habitat and bedform reconstruction of Big Thompson River
and its floodplain in the former Idylwilde Dam site.  Field fit USFS-supplied preliminary design based on daily
changes in available materials, equipment, weather conditions and team goals.

Hwy 36 Channel Rehabilitation, North St. Vrain and Little Thompson Rivers, CO
Developed the preliminary design set for the reconstruction of the North St. Vrain and Little Thompson Rivers in
the vicinity of the Phase 1 Hwy 36 reconstruction.  Quantified materials and assisted in the project permitting.
Instructed ACC backhoe operators with the installation of a low-flow channel, bars, constructed riffles, habitat
boulders, pools, root wads, and deflectors.

Riparian Plantings, VT
Contracted with State and Federal entities to oversee the installation of riparian plantings associated with inchannel
restoration work.  Secured materials, hired, trained, and managed planting crews, coordinated follow-up monitoring and inspection.

Facilitation and Coordination with Local Stream Coalitions

Watershed Coordinator, Friends of the Mad River, VT
Provided organizational development and administration to a non-profit community watershed association for
four years.  Implemented watershed conservation plan and organized and managed volunteer efforts to assist
with projects.  Provided education and outreach through newsletters, press releases, workshops, promotional
materials, and the production of an educational booklet.  Advocated the mission at local and state government
meetings and through one on one contact with residents and stakeholders.  Improved the financial resources of
the organization through fundraising and grant writing.

Measurable Results, Project Manager, CO
Facilitated the development of project based monitoring plans and data collection for local watershed coalitions
including the Eagle River Watershed Council, Alamosa River Restoration Foundation, Rio Grande Headwaters
Partnership, and the Willow Creek Partnership.  Developed monitoring plans and monitoring methodologies for
several Colorado Stream Restoration Grant funded projects including the Slate River, San Miguel River, and Middle
Boulder Creek.

River Corridor Protection and Management Fact Sheet, CO
Lead author of educational handout describing stream channel processes and flood hazards.  Developed for
contributing to better communication between various stakeholders by distilling complex scientific information
into an easy to read document.  This format will be essential for Coalitions to utilize as they seek to enact
progressive measures to rehabilitate streams and reduce future flood damage.